Queuing Solutions


Self-Ordering on in-store channels such as kiosks and order-taking tablets, as well as channels outside the store, primarily the web and smart phones, comprise what is referred to as the Omni-Channel in grocery supermarket fresh foods operations.

ADUSA’s Omni-Channel Fresh-Foods® solutions are designed to enable grocery supermarkets to handle the growing demand for self-ordering of fresh foods from increasingly mobile consumers. One important aspect of how the solution accomplishes this is by being able to accurately assess present workloads in the fresh foods departments. By having real-time knowledge of in-store workloads, the system is able to ensure that associates also process web and mobile orders in a timely manner so that all orders are delivered just-in-time and fresh to the customers. That’s where the AsuraCPRNT comes in.

Using the AsuraCPRNT as a ticket dispensing kiosk that works in tandem with other components of its solution as well as those of other solution providers (for example, scales), enables the ADUSA Queue Management system to quantify the number of customers that are waiting in the queue at any given point in time. This is a key factor in how the system allocates associate’s time to processing incoming orders so that customers’ receive the product they ordered right on schedule.

The compact size of the AsuraCPRNT enables the supermarket operator to easily deploy it on the countertop, as well as on a pole mount or a wall mount. Space is at a premium on the countertop and sales floor of today’s busy supermarket fresh foods departments, so the size of the AsuraCPRNT as well as the wireless option, are important attributes.

The unit’s accessibility and ease of use, with its high-performance touch-screen and thermal printer, are also important features, especially for customers who are often most interested in moving through the process as quickly as possible while being able to focus more attention on the product they are ordering.

ADUSA has additional plans for the AsuraCPRNT as it looks to capitalize on the unit’s versatility and its minimal footprint to find new ways to integrate the device into its overall solution. One thing is clear, and that is that ADUSA will continue to find ways to use the AsuraCPRNT to help accomplish its core objective of enhancing the digital shopping experience in the supermarket’s fresh foods departments.

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